October 13, 2009


I'm in a DIY class where we have to make a product and sell it MICA's Art Market in December. I've been making little masks to put on pins, necklaces and headbands and I'd like to post pictures of my progress but my camera is dumb. Hopefully I'll get it working soon and I'll have some things to show. We've been doing some letterpress and Gocco in class and I got to Gocco my logo onto little tags for my pieces.

I'll post full pictures of the tags later.

I'm going to Jo-Ann's tomorrow to buy more fabric because I don't like the colors I picked last time. So to make sure I don't waste money I made several color combinations and then made a palette with the colors I want to purchase. I then numbered how many times each color appears in my combinations so that I know which ones are the most important to buy in case I have to cut back.

I like the way this looks. I'd love to make a poster of this. It reminds me of a skin project we did freshmen year where we had to pick out as many colors as we could in our skin and create something with them. I wish I had done this. Maybe I will in my spare time. I've got some extra money on my flex account this year so I could splurge at the print lab. Oh how I love the print lab. It's so satisfying to print.

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