December 1, 2011

Sincerely Ink Press

Wow! So it seems that the Sincerely Ink app has been getting a lot of press. Here's a few links-

Tech Tuesday on BFG
That's the first time I've seen one of the designs printed, it looks pretty good! I'm so glad the guys at Sincerely have taken time to make sure the prints come out well. That's the hardest part when designing things digitally- you can put all the time you want into it but if it prints out badly then it's all for nothing.

Article on
The article writer met with Matt from Sincerely to discuss the app. My name is in there too I just noticed. Thanks for the shout out Matt!

It seems the app will also be featured tomorrow morning on The Early Show on CBS. I'll be sure to post a clip if I see it!

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