April 23, 2012

iphone case designs

I was going through some folders on my computer when I came across these iphone case designs I had done for myself a while ago during a lunch break. I actually did have one of them printed by Uncommon.

Overall I was very happy with this site. I got to choose from a variety of cases, it was really easy to upload-- which on some sites can be so frustrating you give up before the site has even processed your design --and the execution of the print was really good too. They also included a bunch of %20 off your next case coupons which I handed out to friends so they could give it a try.

There a few sites out there nowadays with these types of features, including Society6, but if you don't feel like creating a whole body of work for yourself and competing with other's designs, you can use Uncommon and just get yourself an iphone case.


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