March 11, 2010

sequential night out

My first piece's composition is terrrible. Just overall BAD. My second one, however, is not so bad and it's funny, because I spent way less time on it. Sometimes it's best to wing it.

For Lifestyle we had to illustrate a sequential piece that was a group or couple "out on the town" at a real place wearing real designer clothing. I chose an awesome bar in Las Vegas, figuring Las Vegas would have the best/weirdest settings out there. I didn't want to do a group of girls because that would mean no hotel and I couldn't get a good composition in a theater which really lowered my options. I also didn't want to do a heterosexual couple because I really loath drawing men. I really avoid it at all costs. Hence my pattern of lesbian couples in my last few pieces. It's really not about the girls, and it's not even about sex, people don't seem to realize outside of Art School that artists just don't see things that way. It may sound weird, but I simply love drawing the curves on women. It's a much more satisfying composition to me. As an illustrator, I'm not very good at distorting, which I think is essential when drawing men, because otherwise they just look stiff and boring. I don't want it to sound like I'm struggling to convince everyone here that I'm still straight, but I know that my parents have access to this blog and I don't want them assuming anything from these pieces. Unfortunately, this is a common problem with a lot of artists.

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