September 13, 2010

Garment #1 in progress

The pattern for my first garment is complete. It's very similar to the one I made a few months ago but a lot of alterations were made. The previous one did not repeat correctly so I had to go back in and recreate a proper one. The background one this version is white while the previous one was off-white. But as you can see, the sketch has the old background. The reason is because the fabric I'm having it printed on has it's own tint to it.

In addition is a sketch of the first garment along with the pattern.

I made a muslin to test my pieces, which was a really good idea because originally this garment was going to be a nightie but I didn't like the skirt in the pattern so I ended up scrapping it and going with this cute bloomer shorts from a Vogue pattern I ordered.

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