September 24, 2010

Garment #2 in progress

Although my fabric is here (yay!) I can't start sewing until pattern #3 is out for printing. If I don't stick to my schedule the pieces won't be done in time. In the meantime, pattern #2 is out for printing and is expected to be here in approximately two weeks. Just in time for pattern #3 to be finished. Anyway, here's #2 in progress.

I fixed up a few things since I posted it last. Whitney Sherman, my independent study professor suggested that the leaves looked too much like bat wings and that I should invert them. I completely agreed and I think the result is great!

Here's my sketch for the garment. I'm not quite as thrilled about it as the last one. Although, I'm pretty confident that it'll look good with the pattern I've created.

Lastly, here's my muslin version. Again, I'm not as happy with it as the last one, but I do thing it'll look good when it's finished.

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