August 8, 2011


Nothing is more discouraging than when you go to hit update on your first entry in months and an error pops up, deleting the whole thing.

Here is what I can recap

I'm giving a go at stationary, something I've never expressed much interest in. It must be my recent visits to papersource and the influence of companies like rifle co. The beautiful Rachel Beckman has recently written me some letters that have inspired me to write again. I used to keep a regular journal freshman year of college, and a pretty regular one sophomore year, two gems that I find hilarious now.

I've been trying to get the new etsy shop going, but deciding on the name along with the look and feel have held me back. However, Pinterest has been a great tool in helping me nail down what exactly I'm interested in. I highly recommend it to everyone. It's also a great place to store your recipes!

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